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professional and international famous lighting brand - leader of induction lighting.
  • the first producer of induction lamp in 1995.
  • the first producer of 400w/500w/600w induction lamp in the world.
  • the chief editor of china national industrial standard of induction lighting (qb/t2938-2008).
  • global leader in sales of induction lighting products.
strong r&d team - post-doctoral program
  • establishment of the first post-doctoral program in china lighting industry in 2001.
  • owner of 35 patents.
  • participation of drafting 22 items of national standards and chief editor of 10 items of national and industry standards.
  • intelligence control:
    1、timing control
    2、0-10v analogue control
    3、wireless remote control
excellent quality assurance - first-class equipment and high standard certification
  • first-class production equipment:various types of the production equipment, test, analysis and calibration equipment imported from usa, germany, swiss, japan, korea, italy etc.
  • high qc standards: iso 9001 and iso 14001 certified, thousands of products with ccc,ul, cul csa,vde, ce, cb,tuv, cqc approvals.
  • large size: 4 production bases in fuzhou, nanping, shanghai and hubei.
green lighting - a wide range of products to meet diversifiedneeds.
  • the products include hid and induction lighting with most extensive models, highest wattages for different applications.
  • awards: national key new products, national technology innovation award,overseas chinese business innovation award, outstanding new products in fujian province,save-energy products in the government procurement list of zhejiang, shanghai, beijing and henan etc.
green lighting for the environment and human being
  • targeted at developing green lighting and creating the lighting envionment with the high efficient energy saving.
  • sustainable business innovation and win-win situation of investor, factory and consumers.