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q & a of jk’s induction lamp

1、what is the structure of jk’s induction lamp?
it consists of three parts:
a. advanced electronic ballast (high-frequency power generator)
b. power coupling unit (magnet ring transformer): supply the high frequency coupling from the electronic ballast (high-frequency power generator) to the lamp.
c. bulb: a gas-tight glass container with special gases.

2、how many types of induction lamp does jk have and what are wattages?
after many years’ research and development, three series of induction lamps with varieties of wattage are successfully produced. these are square tubular type (st) with 70w, 100w, 150w, 250w and 400w (which is the highest wattage in such lamp in the world), round tubular type (rt) with 70w, 100w, 150w, 200w and bulb type (vl) with 85w and 200w.

3、what are the lighting parameters of jk’s induction lamp?
the overall lighting parameters of the induction lamp is the best among the lamps. take the highest wattage square induction lamp 400w as an example. the color temperature can be from 2720 to 6500k and the color rendering index (cri) is more than 90 with system lighting efficacy of 85 lm/w. the advantage of excellent lighting parameter makes the induction lamp appear to be brighter, softer, more comfortable, and more natural than other light source. thanks to the high color rendering index, people can identify the color of the goods more really. jk’s induction lamp can be made to give off the red, brown, green and blue lighting to meet the different lighting needs.

4、how about the light decay of jk’s induction lamp?
jk’s induction lamp can keep more than 70% of luminance maintenance rate even after 60,000 hours. the following is the diagram of light decay measurement in practical use.




5. what is the surface temperature of a working induction lamp of jk?
the high surface temperature of the lamp will influence the temperature rise of lighting fixture. the bulb temperature of jk’s induction lamp is far lower than that of conventional hid lamp. take the highest wattage 400w induction lamp as an example. its surface temperature of bulb(if it is built in enclosed lighting fixture ) is less than 110℃, while that of conventional mh or hps lamp is more than 300℃.

6. what is the requirement of the environment of jk’s induction lamp and electronic ballast?
when the induction lamp and its electronic ballast are installed in an enclosed fixture, the maximum temperature of the bulb of induction lamp shall be less than 110℃ and the casing temperature of electronic ballast shall be less than 65℃ to ensure the long lifetime and high reliability. jk kindly requests the customer to specify specially when the induction lamp will be used under super cold condition.

7. how about the emc of jk’s induction lamp and is it bad for people’s health and other energized equipment?
the technology of zero volt and current is adopted in the high frequency power switch to relief the requirement of emc filtering. the emc reached the standard of en55105 and gb17743-1999 and passed the test of national authority with the help of emc filtering structure of proper secondary common module and error module. therefore it is safe to people and other energized equipment.





8. what are the protection functions of jk’s induction lamp?
jk’s electronic ballast has perfect functions in detecting and protecting faults of the open circuit and short circuit transient power off and leakage of bulb. it will resume to work after the reset of power supply to ensure the lifetime of induction lamp and electronic ballast.

9. what are the available jk’s lighting fixtures for induction lamp?
jk has successfully produced more than 30 types of lighting fixtures with induction lamp for high-bay workshop, tunnel, office, home use, flood lighting, roadway, garage, warehouse and refrigerator, etc.

10. where are the induction lamps used in?
jk’s induction lamp is a new green lighting source with high energy saving, maintenance-free, high color rendering index and natural lighting and extensively used in factories ,shops, office building, classroom, supermarket, street, parking lot, gas station, sports stadium, bridge etc.. it is specially suitable for lighting of tunnel, subway and signboard, etc. where maintenance cost is high and difficult to access to save the energy and maintenance cost.

11.what is the guarantee of lifetime of jk’s induction lamp?
jk grants five-year warranty on the induction lamp and its electronic ballast in the condition that they are installed and operated properly. the manufacturing date will be printed on the induction lamp. for the details of warranty, please see jk’s warranty letter.