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tech guide of induction lighting

induction lighting for deferent application

1、lighting for high ceiling
long lifetime is the main advantage of induction lamp. the lamp is suitable for high ceiling where the maintenance is not accessible.
recommended lighting fixture: gc27-400e、gc4c、gc18 series, etc.。

2. lighting for sports stadium
the induction lighting is stable and flashless which is suitable for lighting of sports stadium.
recommended lighting fixtures: gc4c、gc18 series, etc.。。

3、lighting for shopping center:
the cri of induction lamp is over 80, which is good for customer to distinguish the color of merchandise. the soft light beam helps to create safe and comfortable environment for shopping.
lighting fixture recommended:md series、gc18 series、gc4 series、self-ballasted induction lamp。

4、flood lighting, garden, building, and sign board lighting:
the induction lighting is colorful with optional color temperature from 2720k to 6500k. it is good light source for garden and building.
lighting fixture recommended:mb series、zy series、zt series。

5、lighting for garage and warehouse:
various intelligent control functions are easily to be realized in induction lamp system for energy saving.
the recommended lighting fixture:mx2 series、mx4 series、gc18 series, etc。

6、lighting in tunnel:
the induction lighting for tunnels solves the problem of difficult accessible maintenance and emergency lighting or emergency dimmable lighting to create safe driving environment.
lighting fixture recommended:tl8 series、tl7-100e(with emergency lighting)。

7、lighting for roadway:

application of induction lamp can solve the problem of difficult maintenance, and the solar energy supply board can be applied to fulfill usage in places without public power supply.
lighting fixture recommended: zd4-80e、zd10 series, etc。

8、lighting for office:
the three-phospher coating creates the gentle and soft lighting. the stable and flashless lighting is good for office environment and eyesight, thus creating high working efficiency.
lighting fixture recommended: mx3-y100、mq1 series

9、lighting for toll station:
with advantages of high lighting efficacy, high cri, soft and natural color and remarkable energy saving, the induction lamp can provide excellent lighting effect for toll station.
lighting fixture recommended: mq1 series、gc4 series gc18 series、mx4-100e, etc。

10、lighting in home
the induction lamp can create a comfortable, harmonic, relaxed and soft lighting effect for home use. the intelligent function of remote switching and dimming (30%-100%) can be achieved conveniently.
lighting fixture recommended: mx3-y100、mx13-y100, etc。