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jk brought new high-tech products of epidemic prevention and ultraviolet disinfection to the 2022 haichuang fair.

from june 18 to 20, 2022, the 20th china-straits project outcomes fair was held at straits international convention and exhibition center in fuzhou, fujian province. in this year's conference, yuegang demonstrated two latest uv disinfection achievements -- jk far uvc 222nm far ultraviolet dbd disinfection safety door and jk uvc non-pole ultraviolet surface disinfection machine, providing effective solutions for the "people with prevention" ultraviolet surface disinfection. the sales team of yuangguang technology participated in this exhibition as an enterprise representative, and two new high-tech ultraviolet disinfection products attracted the attention of the industry.



in the context of the normalization of novel coronavirus prevention and control globally, epidemic prevention and control remains the top priority at present, and is also an important and urgent public environmental safety issue of widespread concern at home and abroad. to meet the needs of people's life, health and safety. with scientific epidemic prevention measures, the physical disinfection of ultraviolet disinfection light source has been widely concerned by virtue of its advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, health, environmental protection, safety and stability, and the industrial prospect is increasingly broad.

for nearly 40 years, yuanguang has been deeply engaged in the field of lighting, constantly developing the latest efficient and energy-saving lighting products, which have a certain popularity at home and abroad. in particular, since 2019, yuanguang has taken "health lighting" as the entry point, layout of intelligent energy saving, health and safety uv disinfection field, on the basis of the original world's leading electrodeless lamp technology, developed "high-power uvc electrodeless uv disinfection system", in 2020, it has also developed the world's most cutting-edge far uvc 222nm novel coronavirus inactivation sterilization light source technology, among which 300w high-power 222nm uv sterilization light source has the latest uv disinfection light source with long life, high uv illumination, human-machine coexistence, second-level virus inactivation and cost-effective. with the international famous companies in the united states, japan ushio and so on have more power, better cost performance. similar products have been used in the support camp of the chinese sports delegation for the 2020 tokyo olympic games, and the products will also be used in this year's winter olympics to provide security guarantee for the epidemic prevention and control work of the winter olympics. the series products of "far uvc excimer far ultraviolet disinfection system" were displayed in this exhibition.



jk far ultraviolet dbd disinfect ssafety door

jk far uvc 222nm far ultraviolet dbd disinfection safety door uses the company's latest research and development of the world's leading ultraviolet disinfection technology -- 222nm far ultraviolet excecular light source, can be in and out of the personnel's surface for comprehensive ultraviolet disinfection, only 5 seconds can effectively inactivate the virus, sterilization effect of 99.9%. it can be widely used in public places for surface disinfection of people entering and leaving.


jk no-electrode uvc surface sserilizer

yuanguang new development of non-ultraviolet surface disinfection machine, for supply, logistics epidemic prevention and security to provide effective solutions. the equipment adopts the long-life, high efficiency and energy saving non-electrode ultraviolet light source produced by our company. through the mode of single elimination, 360° six-side ultraviolet light elimination is carried out on the surface of the object during transmission. it only takes 4.17 seconds to effectively inactivate the virus, and the sterilization effect reaches 99.99%. it has the advantages of rapid disinfection, safety and reliability, health and environmental protection, long-term use and maintenance free application. to ensure that people on the risk of contact virus transmission, put an end to the phenomenon of "person-to-person".


jk actively responds to the national strategy of "healthy china", carries out independent innovation centering on the advanced  lighting  technology of "intelligence, energy saving, health and safety", continuously increases investment in r&d of ultraviolet disinfection products, and provides customers with one-stop solutions for ultraviolet purification. products cover air purification, surface disinfection, water treatment and other three application fields. with leading technology, high-quality products, perfect service to provide a comprehensive multi-field environmental purification solutions for the society, to create a good and healthy living and working environment for human beings.

in the future, yuanguang will continue to work in the field of environmental environment, air elimination and water purification, actively participate in the community of human destiny in the post-epidemic era, contribute to the cause of human environmental protection, and create a safer and environmentally friendly environment for people to live and work.