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electronic ballast for mh lamp 35w~150w


using low frequency square wave, (130hz ), light stable flicker-free;

" because of the elimination of the power grid voltage fluctuations, and uses a unique starting current control mode, can make the quartz metal halide lamp life span of 50%, the cdm lamp life span of 30%;

" lights start more quickly, more stable;

, constant power, save energy, prolonging the service time of a bulb;

to perfect automatic protection function;

" wide operating voltage range:170-264vac;

* optional dimming function (which can be used to 50% ), (0-10vdc ) or dali dimming interface.

application: apply to shopping malls, retail stores, office, public buildings, lounge and other indoor and outdoor lighting and mh / cdm lamp supporting the use of.

metal halide lamp electronic ballasts meet the following standards:

rfi / emi: en55015

harmonic,: en61000-3-2

anti interference,: en61547

" security: en60928/ en61347

" performance: en60927/ en60929

, vibration and shock: iec
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