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zg4/zg4a series 70w~300w

◎square welded aluminum housing with powder coated finish for corrosion resistance.
◎zg4 series:clear tempered glass lens.
◎ zg4a series:uv-proof and heat resistant polycarbonate(pc) lens.
◎ aluminum reflector with vacuum coating for good lighting distribution.
◎ 70w~100w: ballast is built in the fixture to have an integrated structure.
150w300w: separated from the light source and electrical installation, extended lamp and ballast life.

lamp and ballast
◎ jk’s 70w~300w round tubular induction lamp features high lighting efficacy, long lifetime, good color rendering, stable output, etc.
◎ jk’s electronic ballast features high power factor (>0.95),flickering free operation with low ballast loss and constant output, etc.

◎ parking lots, plazas, shopping malls, tennis courts.
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