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fl23hl series 300w

• fl23hl series horticultural luminaire provide five type of light spectrum led chipsoptions there are uvabdrfr(uva blue deep rad far red) / (wdr(white deepred) / (bdr ( blue deep red) / wdrfr( white deep red far red ) to improvecrop yields for general, flowering, and vegetative crop growth cycles.

• high par performance, ppf/w = 2.5 umol/s/w for 300w luminaire can generate ppf= 740 μmol/s.
• the led light can provides three full-spectrum distribution options uvabdrfr(uva blue deep rad far red)/ (wdr(white deep rad) /(bdr( blue deep red) / wdrfr( white deep red far red ),can meet different appilication requirements.
• up to 4 channels 0-10v(analog dimming) - adjust light output seperated to crop requirements.
• reported led lifetime (70% lumen maintenance), per iesna tm-21, is more than 50,000 hours (l70 >50,000).
• calculated led lifetime (70% lumen maintenance) is more than 100,000 hours, when operated at ambient temperature less than 50ºc.
• ip65

application areas
• commercial indoor grow house ( rack mounting).
• green house.

• ul 1598 for industrial grade environments.
• 3g bridge and overpass vibration standards (per ansic136.31–2001) .
• 10kv surge suppression in accordance to ieee/ansi c62.41.2.

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