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gc201e series high bay lighting(with emergency function) 60w~200w

feature description:
• gc201e series led high bay fixture is specially designed for the lighting area where requires emergency lighting when the main power is cut off.
•when the main power is on, the gc201e series led high bay fixture works as a regular luminaire which can be turned on and off by the switch. when the main power is down, the fixture will switch to the emergency operation instantly and automatically without any manual work or additional controls.
•with the function of emergency, only one luminaire is needed for both normal and emergency situations and thus ideally replace the 2 fixtures or 2 lamps (normal lighting and emergency lighting).

specification(emergency light):

input ac power line performance
input ac power line voltage 120v~277v±10%,50/60hz
input ac power line current <0.13a
input ac power line power <11w

emergency output data

emergency output voltage 20-50v
emergency output current 0.4a ( constant current )
emergency output power ≦20w
emergency output duration 90 minutes

battery recharge performance

battery 12vdc 6800mah lithium rechargeable battery
recharge current 0.4a(constant current)

• vertical‘chimney' thermal design
• integral driver design
• 120 lumens per watt
• integral 10kv surge protection
• optional 0-10v dimming function
• 7-year warranty
• ip65,dlc and ul.

• stadium
• workshop
• warehouse
• airport
• railway station
• exhibition hall
• supermarket

• ul1598a for marine grade environments
• 3g bridge and overpass vibration standards (per ansic136.31–2001)
• 10kv surge suppression in accordance to ieee/ansic62.41.2

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