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operating principle of induction lamp


    the electrodeless induction fluorescent lamp, more commonly known as an "induction lamp", is based on faraday's principle of electromagnetic induction and possesses a structure similar to a transformer.the energy is coupled from the primary coils to the secondary ring formed by plasma, resulting in a high luminous efficient lighting source with a long lifespan.the innovation is that there is no electrode while the energy is coupled to the lamp through a high frequency induction magnetic field.the buffer gas inside the lamp is excited by the magnetic field and turned into plasma.when the excited plasma atoms return to their ground state, they radiate 254nm uv light, which is converted into visible light by a tri- phosphor coating on the inner glass surface, much in the same manner as fluorescent lamps.this new technology solves the problems associated with electrode-aging, resulting in a maintenance free lamp with a long lifespan.