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why is jk’s induction lamp called as a energy-saving lighting product?

1、constant output wattage to save energy
to ensure that supply voltage is within the range of allowable voltage and lamp’s illumination reaches designed value , the following conditions shall be meet:
for the magnetic ballast used in the conventional light source,the output wattage will be reduced by 20% when the input voltage is varied by -10%, which means that the luminance will be reduced by 20%, therefore the designer has to consider the additional 20% of the total lamp wattage. however the output wattage is constant for the electronic ballast used in induction lamp , which means there is no need considering the variation of voltage influence on illumination.

2、little light decay to reduce the qantity of lighting fixtures to save energy
the lighting engineers always take the lighting efficiency of the lamp at middle age as an engineering criteria to make sure that no considerable luminance variation occurs in the lighting area during the lamps’ lifetime or even at the final stage of lamps’ lifetime . however the light decay of the conventional lighting system is large. from diagram i, the lighting efficiency of the mh lamp at middle age(8000hrs) is 64% of that of new lamp while that of induction lamp with 86% of the new lamp. therefore, an extra 22% of the fixtures shall be installed for mh lamp than induction lamp.


lighting fixture
input wattage
average luminance
luminance (64m2)
jk's lighting fixture with induction lamp
400w induction lamp
high bay lighting with aluminum hood
400w mh lamp
high bay lighting with pc hood
400w mh lamp

3、realization of energy-saving with dimmable function
the dimming is easily realized with the excellent performance of induction lamp and its high frequency electronic ballast. it can be dimmed to 30% of the rated wattage with different dimming methods including periodic dimming, skylight dimming, manual dimming, automatic preset dimming for different lighting needs to realize the energy saving.