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induction lamp vs metal halide lamp

1、why is the induction lamp compared with mh lamp?

the induction lamp can be extensively used for lighting of street, supermarket, sports stadium and industrial facilities, where hid lamps (hps, mh and mv lamp) are used. among the hid lamps, hps lamp is featured with high lighting efficiency, but the visual effect is bad due to the low color temperature (less than 3000k), bad cri (10-20) and it is not suitable for many areas. mv lamp is featured with the lowest lighting efficiency (40-50 lm/w) and considerable low color temperature and cri and it is eliminated by the market gradually. mh lamp is most extensively used among the hid lamps with the best combined characteristics and similar lighting efficency, color temperature and cri to the induction lamp, however its lifetime, lumen maintenance rate, lighting color result and hot restart is not comparable to the induction lamp. other types of lamps such as incandescent lamp is worse due to the lighting efficiency of 10-15 lm/w and color temperature of 2800k.

2、performance of induction lamp vs mh lamp

the following is the detailed comparison between induction lamp 400w and mh lamp 400w on the basis of the above analysis.

3、measurement and evaluation of lighting result after replacement with induction lamp